The Time Flame Scallops Almost Got Extinguished

IMG_2086The red colored, attractively flashing Flame Scallops are since years a lovely addition to the marine aquarium, hence MF had it on their list for sale. Our clients wondered, why suddenly, despite increasing orders, the supply of the much wanted animals stopped out of the blue.

Well, all started with a devastating Earthquake in October 2013, reaching 7.2 magnitude on the Richter’s scale, hit particularly Bohol and Cebu areas. Old Spanish Cathedrals collapsed as if they made of sand, buildings were heavily damaged and people died in land slides triggered by the violent earth movements. Beaches, even entire islands, disappeared and new ones were created.

But what is the relationship of an earthquake and the disappearance of flame scallops? Well, these animals are usually occurring in underwater caves and crevices which simply collapsed during the earthquake. The caves were gone and with them almost all the scallops.

However, after the best part of 2 years, new generations of survivors have multiplied and established once more in available reef caves and crevices. The abundance of scallops has reached old numbers and they are available again without harming the sustainability of catches.

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