The Team


General manager

Ian is the Manager of MarineFauna Inc. He is in charge for the entire operation. Ian studied marine biology at the University of San Carlos (Cebu) and graduated March 2004. His thesis was on “NH4 uptake of Gracilariposis heteroclada and Caulerpa lentillifera”. Ian is a dedicated biologist, a fast learner, a cool character and a “fearless” diver… even if the computer demands decompression stops… he still concentrates exclusively on the well being of collected animals…neglecting himself and the beeping computer! But considering his native Filipino skin, it shows the same rushes after naughty jellyfish stings like sensitive German skin.




10644538_802148039842925_3585279065379515436_oJean is the MarineFauna Secretary. She is like a medical doctor on call duty…. should she need to prepare a packing list as early as 2am red-eye time to meet the cut-off deadline at the airport, she is reliably there. Jean is an Excel literate and she manages any paper works starting with employee’s social security, healthcare, invoices, packing lists, filing of legal documents and processing of business permits. She keeps track of business expenses and salary sheets.



Facility ManagerIMG_2126

Tata is the passionate all-round talent of MarineFauna Inc. tasked to manage and maintain the facility. He is responsible for supporting the best health of organisms, including feeding and providing a second habitat which he is doing with loving care. Always ready to sacrifice a well deserved day-off for a late announced arrival of organisms. He is a skilled skin diver and completes last minute orders for invertebrates with a high level of professionalism…with a smile on his face.




Assistant Facility Manager

IMG_2129He is the assistant facility manager and teams up with Tata regarding all fish well being matters. He is the man responsible for sanitizing the tanks and make sure the facility is clean before the next week’s operation. Jeoffry is also our best night diver particularly in collecting the special red and orange hermit crabs as well as the tricky to catch Bryopsis feeding shrimp Heteropaneus longimanus.



Version 2Boat Captain

Richard is in charge of RED BULL, a 55 ft outrigger boat which serves us regularly to pick up animals from our collectors. With his skills on operating the boat we have managed safely some considerable waves already. Richard is also a carpenter and mechanic which comes in handy should the boat have any issues. And to tell the truth…a boat has permanently issues.



Boatman and facility worker

Version 2Teaming up with Richard, Geoffry is lending him a hand to safely operate the boat. He is in charge for placing the animals to the respective flow through holding crates while pick up and in the facility. He is the type of person who doesn’t need to be told. He is constantly on the move checking health of animals, separating different invertebrates and fish during cruising and has his eyes on all the numerous small but important things, which need to be done.



Boatman and facility worker

Poloy is a recent addition to the team and a cousin of Geoffry. He teams up with him (since he is still in the trainee phase) and assists in collecting algae as well as other invertebrates that the fishermen cannot get. He was also one of MarineFauna collectors before he was hired.


May Ann


11229830_970378819662663_7431177553351298100_nShe is the good spirit in charge of keeping everything tidy and clean. Her main task however, is cooking and preparing meals that caters to all different kind of tastes of all the employees. Should secretary duties be in need, she is willingly complying without a word. May Ann is studying during her free time at the state college near MarineFauna, taking up BS Education and despite of her work load at MF she still manages to be a top student of her class. We are proud of you!




Tom obtained a PhD in Marine Biology at Kiel University in Germany. He is currently supporting the business matters of MarineFauna.


Packing Women

IMG_2122This is the image of our reliable, skillful, hard working, never resting MarineFauna Inc. backbone. Even long export nights (we pack always as close as possible to the cut off time of the airlines minimizing transport time of fish) with unexpected brown outs, heavy rains, gusty winds, close to deliver pregnancy stages, etc. can not brake the positive attitude of our packing women. The essence from this encouraging experience is: more power to women and keep it up!!!!!

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