The Fisher Folks

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MarineFauna is working with fisher folks from Olango and Camotes Island, from Zamboanga and Surigao in Mindanao and several provinces in Luzon. We have trained our collectors during the GTZ and MAC Multiplicators training in Coron, Palawan 2002 for best catch and handling techniques to minimize stress and increase quality of animals. Our staff speaks the dialects of the local people and we constantly exchange experiences for further improvement of methods. We discuss the feedback from our customers about the animals exported weekly.





ffolkp3Our collectors follow the MAC and safety standards for professional diving with compressed air. For us it’s not only a reckless business, but fair trade: we are benefiting from their (the ffolkp4fisher folks’) resources and pay higher incentives for quality organisms. The higher pay to collectors in turn supports sustainability of catches and not trade off to make a living! However, our prices are calculated accordingly and we experienced its hard to compete in Asian markets (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan) where quality may be compromised by discounts!





We are for high quality of organisms and fair pay to fisher folks even if that limits our export markets! Quality will prevail in the future, not the lowest price of a fish!

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