The Facility

facilp1aPretty much exactly 45 km north off Cebu is the location of the facility adjacent to the sea. The building consists of an air-conditioned office, kitchen, 2 air-conditioned bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a packing room, a wet room for dive equipment, compressor- and stockroom. The facility has concrete tanks with 36.000 liters for fish and 20.000 liters for invertebrates. We operate an open system and pump in natural seawater 50 m from the seashore. 15.000 liters are flushing the tanks per hour with low stocked organism density. This is possible because we acclimatize the animals for 3 to 4 days only prior to shipping. Once weekly the tanks are dried up and cleaned of organic debris. All animals not shipped are released to the reef in front of the facility.

While the animals are within our tanks, we provide natural-like habitats using rocks for hide outs to minimize stress. Fish are fed (fresh fish, mussels, algae any special food if staying longer than 2 days in the facility). 24 hours prior to shipping feeding is stopped to clear the intestines.




The Equipment

IMG_0759MarineFauna owns a 55 ft outrigger boat (REDBULL) with a flow through system. We pick up our fish and invertebrates every weekend from the collectors and usually start shipping Tuesdays. The boat is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine (160 hp), a wide storage cabin and a small kitchen. Cruising speed is 15 knots. A licensed boat operator and a boatman are the permanent crew of REDBULL



equiptp2The dive equipment consists of 8 sets (LUXFER tanks, SCUBAPRO BCDs, SCUBAPRO regulators, masks, fins, snorkels, weight belts and wet suits, dive computers). The heart piece of the dive equipment is a BAUER OCEANUS compressor with a HONDA engine.

A 5.5kw generator helps to keep the systems running during the frequent brown-outs.equiptp3

3 SPECK pumps reliably service our tanks with water drawn in from 18 to 25 ft depth about 50 m in front of the facility and pump 15.000 litres per hour to a height of 14 metres.

The packing water is UV sterilised (clearing 20.000 litres per hour), oxygenated and cooled 48 hours before shipment.

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