Our 2005 Visitors

Tim Tessier from SeaCare in Vancouver, Canada

Tim visited the Philippines with his family and passed enthusiastically the Open Water Diver course at Cabilao Island. During his vacation he also stopped by MarineFauna. He went out with us to the islands picking up the fish from our trained collectors and saw for himself how we care for the animals. Tim attended the entire shipment preparation, packing (see picture) and documentation. Being asked what’s for him important in the trade he answered quickly: “Fairly traded and interesting spectrum of healthy animals”. Tim makes it a point NOT to receive critters being labelled as “Red-striped hermit crabs” which turn out to be hungry Cone shells!!


February 2005: Dr. Heather Koldeway, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Koldeway is the curator for fish of the London Zoological Society. Currently, she is in the process of screening potential suppliers of fish and invertebrates for a new public aquarium of large size dimension. She was very impressed by the extensive list of invertebrates available from MarineFauna. As soon as the aquariums are ready for stocking, MarineFauna will ship algae feeders to start with. After a long flight from London with an overnight stay in Hong Kong, she took the invitation for a dive immediately and had a close look of the reef in front of MarineFauna herself. Bruno, the local tiger shark, did not show up this time…..

Dr. Koldeway at the tanks with the
open system at MarineFauna.

February 2005: Mr. Dilip Borah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mr. Borah visited MarineFauna to acquire first hand information about the quality and variety of fish available. He is in charge to set up a 20,000 liter cylindrical tank in a private residence in Dubai. Mr. Borah wishes to display animals from MarineFauna.

Mr. Borah enjoying the view from the
roof deck of the MarineFauna facilty.
Our 2004 Visitors

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Mebs and Dr. Silke Kauferstein.